Use this form to apply to join the waiting list to buy a Discounted Sale property in the Eden area of Westmorland and Furness.

Note: If you are looking for an affordable home to rent do not fill in this form, instead please:

About this form

The information you supply in this form will allow us to check that this is the best affordable housing scheme for you given your household's circumstances. Please be aware the minimum age for applicants to join the waiting list is 18 years old.

All communication will be by email unless stated otherwise. Please only select the box below to inform us if you would prefer to receive communication by post.

Next steps

We will send you confirmation of your acceptance onto the waiting list, or otherwise, within 10 working days of submitting this form. Once on the waiting list you will receive details of properties available to purchase through the scheme and how to apply for approval to purchase a particular property.

Please read the Discounted sale housing guidance document (opens in a new window) and be aware that before you can go on to apply to be approved to purchase a particular property you must meet the below eligibility criteria:

  • Have the required local connection.
  • Demonstrate you require a discount to purchase a property through the scheme.
  • The Discounted Sale property must be your only home.
  • Have a right of residence in the UK.