About this form

Use this form to apply for help if you are physically unable to place your blue refuse bags, recycling bags and box and garden waste bin out for collection.

If you have an assisted collection, you do not have to move refuse and recycling to the kerbside. We will collect refuse and recycling from outside your home from an agreed collection point. An assisted collection can be on a permanent or temporary basis.

This is a discretionary service offered to help elderly, infirm and disabled customers with their refuse and recycling service and will only be supplied to an address where there is no able bodied person on a daily basis.

An application form will be sent to you. This should to be returned to us along with proof of eligibility to the scheme, as detailed in the application form. Eligibility for the service is reviewed regularly and the service may be withdrawn if the conditions of the service are not satisfied or the customer's circumstances change.

Personal data and privacy

We are committed to protecting your personal data and privacy. We will use the information you supply on this form for the purposes of providing you with Council services. We may share your information within the Council and with our contractors and partners, who help to deliver our services. We will only keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose/s you provided it. For more information on how we protect your personal data, see our Privacy Policy (opens in a new window).