This grant scheme is to support small and medium sized businesses severely affected by the flooding in February 2020.

Who is funding this support?

The Department for Business, Energy, Innovation & Skills provide this funding.


Small and medium sized businesses (up to 250 full time equivalent employees) in Eden which:

  • were trading on 9 February 2020.
  • were severely affected by the flood (either directly or indirectly).
  • intend to continue trading.

State aid

Businesses in sectors excluded from the De Minimis Block Exemption are not eligible for this scheme.

This grant scheme falls within De Minimis so any grant amount must not take the applicant over the relevant De Minimis limit (200,000 Euros in a rolling three year tax period). For the road freight transport sector the maximum is 100,000 euros in a rolling three year tax period.

De minimis aid to the agricultural sector is covered by a separate regulation and is capped at €20,000 over three consecutive fiscal years. De minimis aid to the fisheries and aquaculture sectors also has its own regulation and is capped at €30,000 over three consecutive fiscal years.

State aid includes, for example, European Funding, rate relief, deferral of VAT and income tax, other Government support.

What can you spend this money on?

The grant must be used to aid recovery from the impact of flooding. No application can be made as compensation for any loss incurred, which is covered or reasonably could have been covered by insurance. No funding shall be given to businesses who have not taken recommended measures following previous flooding.

What is not covered?

  • Recoverable VAT.
  • Costs that are covered or reasonably could have been covered by insurance.

How much can you apply for?

Grants will be £2,500 per eligible business.

Any offer will be capped if necessary to ensure that state aid limits will not be exceeded. This is unlikely to affect you unless you have already received significant public funding.

Dates for applications and claims

Applications should be received by 7 May 2020.

What is the process?

A grant panel will assess the applications within seven working days. The Council will then send out a grant offer confirmation, or a rejection email, within three working days of the grant panel decision. Should there be any queries, you may be asked for additional information which may delay the grant award decision.

Once you accept the grant offer, and have provided your bank details, the Council will pay the grant electronically.


Any queries please contact the Economic Development Manager on or  01768 212139.

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